The power of not knowing the answer and asking better questions

Sam chats with his colleagues and friends, Katie Valdivia and Kathleen Holiday, about the real effort needed to create effective and fulfilling mentoring programs with internal coaching.


11/6/20231 min read

Sam is interviewed by CEO of the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, Doy Charnsupharindr. With exceptional vulnerability, Sam dives into how courage and gratitude combine to create perseverance toward his professional goals. He also discusses his presentation topic at the BECI Coaches Conference: practicing better ways to answer the standard icebreaker question, "So, what do you do?"

This interview being the finale of the BECI series, Sam wishes to thank every guest and listener in making this possible.

Sam is honored to publish this episode in anticipation of the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute Coaches Conference this November. He will serve as a presenter among an unprecedented number of presentations aimed at helping alumni give their best to their clients. This interview series is intended to provide context for each presentation topic and share the good that BECI creates through their alumni. Sam has also been releasing clips of these episodes. Connect with Sam and follow as you'll likely see some familiar faces soon!