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Sam Heninger is an experienced coach and facilitator who loves to remove roadblocks in leaders' thoughts and behavior.

Appreciating individual differences led Sam to a lifelong study of psychology. Surprising patterns of beliefs and behaviors inform how we show up at work and in teams. He loves to turn awareness into positive change.

With a background in social work and research on healthy relationships, Sam knew he wanted to apply his coaching skills where they were needed most which led him to serving business leaders and their teams.

The oldest of his siblings and cousins, he always felt stuck between generations; finding more in common with his aunts and uncles than his younger family members.

He has also found himself as the youngest person in the room across his education and career. These experiences developed into opportunities to serve as a bridge of understanding for people of differing ages at work and in his community.


Sam's methods

Strengths-focused Empowerment

Avoiding burnout while exceeding organizational goals requires a deep and conscious alignment with one's natural strengths and core values. Sam pairs personal, inner exploration with rigorous, scientifically valid assessments and coaching practices to create individual and group game-changing insights.

Courage as a Daily Practice

Practicing to do the right thing despite fear can scale up or down to your level of preparation. Fortunately, inner alignment through insights from Sam's coaching diminishes fear and ignites courageous behavior.

Realistic Optimism & Trust

Driving unprecedented results requires both a strong vision and sense of practicality. As a thought partner, Sam coaches leaders and their teams to meet uncertainty with resilience and hope.

Multi-generational Collaboration

Through dialogue and strategies informed by leading research, Sam bridges cultural gaps and opens teams up to appreciating and communicating more effectively across generational divides.


Distilling Expertise


Utah State University

Bachelor's degree (B.S.) in Psychology

Utah State University

Master's degree in Business Administration


Global Strengths Coach, 2022, Gallup

Certified Executive Coach, 2023, Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

Sam has a profound understanding of psychology, business strategy, the soft and hard skills of coaching leaders and their teams, and critical thinking to engage effectively as a thought partner.


If you have any questions about how this coaching might be for you and your team, feel free to contact Sam.

Sierra R.

Sam's coaching helped me initiate the conversations I knew I needed to have.

Gabby D.

Sam was such a humble and welcoming soft place to land during our first interactions. It was so easy to talk with him and it felt like we were already friends.

Happy clients